6 Books Worth Reading for Diamond Lovers and Diamond Buying Tips

When it comes to buying diamonds, one cannot be too careful, and you should be equipped with the most powerful tool: knowledge.

Unless you are an apprentice jeweler, the best way to gain an incredible wealth of knowledge is by reading diamonds books. Here are a few books that will definitely set you on the right path to buying diamonds.

Diamonds: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide by Antoinette Matlins

One of the first books to consider when you’re planning to get into buying diamonds is this book by internationally renowned gemmologist and jewelry expert Antoinette Matlins. Matlins has published a multitude of books on different stones, but when it comes to buying diamonds, this will be your manual.

The book highlights a number of things in addition to the whole buying process, such as how to select the diamonds, how to take care of them, and an overall view of the diamond industry.

Engagement & Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love by Antoinette Matlins & Antonio Bonanno

This entry is for the majority of people buying diamonds in the first place. Getting an engagement ring—a diamond engagement ring no less—is truly a magical experience. However, the fact that it is so expensive can be intimidating. This book aims to be a companion for those afraid of the process of buying diamond rings because of their lack of knowledge.

Famous Diamonds by Ian Balfour

Getting into the industry and practice of buying diamonds, you’ll want to know just how much famous diamonds went for in the past. This book highlights all the famous diamonds of the past, and ones with historical significance such as Koh-I-Noor, the diamond set in the Crown Jewels, the supposedly cursed Cullinan diamond, and the famous Hope diamond.

This book is recommended for all people even mildly interested in diamonds. Not only does the book hold important information, but its wealth in visually stunning photos of the famous diamonds  makes it the perfect coffee table book.

Diamonds by Fred Ward

If you were limited to buying only one book about diamonds, this should be it. Part of the Fred Ward Gem Series, this book is a treasure trove of different insights about the beautiful gem.

Not only does this book share how to buy diamonds, it also touches on several aspects such as the history and lore of diamonds, synthetic diamonds, the diamond industry, and how to care for diamonds.

Gems & Gemology by the GIA

You can expect a comprehensive and technical work of literature coming from the Gemological Institute of America. Not for light reading, this is a journal that is published quarterly by the GIA, highlighting the latest news and techniques needed in the diamond industry.

Articles included in this journal may be too technical and comprehensive for a beginner, but it does include interesting topics such as diamond treatments and synthetic diamond identification.

Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History by Scott Selby & Greg Campbell

A different suggestion from the others, this book tells the story about a diamond theft worth over a hundred million dollars in diamonds. Unlike the other reads, this is more of a novel that tells a story, albeit non-fiction.

Although this book won’t help guide you into buying diamonds and such, this book will surely boost any reader’s appreciation for diamonds. Read this and discover how the thief got away with it.


These may be the six books recommended, but you should certainly read even more. Visit a library and expand your knowledge, making you better equipped in dealing with diamonds in the future. If you’ve already read these books, then you should be adequately prepared to buy diamonds now!