How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are the most famous and regaled way to profess your undying love. Engagement rings are a symbol of pure love and adoration. This magnificent tradition dates back to 1477, and the custom has been prized ever since.

The traditional engagement ring has expanded to a wide range of diamond cuts and setting designs over the years. While everyone wants to make sure their fiancée’s ring shines brighter than the rest, choosing the perfect ring has been a challenge for the ages.

While all Di Amore engagement rings are brilliant and would make an excellent fit for your soon-to-be-fiancée, make sure you do your homework before choosing. Here are some important factors to consider when you buy a diamond engagement ring from Di Amore!

1. The Cut

Diamonds traditionally come in several cuts, or shapes. The most famous cuts include the round cut (the classic circle), the princess cut (a flat face shape with rectangular or squared sides), and the Marquise cut (oblong curved sides with pointed ends, sort of like an elongated and fancier football shape). Take into account how the cut may affect your fiancé’s day to day life. If they use their hands a lot during work, you may not want a Marquise cut that could catch on things.

2. The Colour

While the classic engagement rings feature the white, almost transparent colour, there are many other colours of diamonds. The “chocolate diamond” is experiencing a surge of attention for its rich brown colour. Other natural colours include yellow, green, purple, pink, or blue. Consider if your fiancée would rather the traditional glamour of a white diamond or the unique sheen of a coloured diamond.

3. The Carats

It’s one of the simple laws of life: more carats equal more money. The carat is indicative of how heavy a diamond is, which is how the sizes of diamonds are measured. The more carats a diamond has, the larger it is. Be sure to keep your budget in account when choosing an engagement ring by the number of carats.

4. The Setting

While the diamond is a crucial factor to consider, the setting is also an important part of the ring’s overall look. The setting of an engagement ring may feature smaller diamonds and can come in a wide variety of metals, including platinum, silver, and gold. Be sure to think about any other jewellery your fiancée already wears and consider choosing your setting to match it. If the ring needs to be able to put up against rough conditions, think about a platinum band. If it will not be exposed to too much wear and tear, a classic gold band may be the best fit.

Di Amore Diamonds

Your Di Amore jeweller will walk you through every step of purchasing your engagement ring. From the GIA grade to customization options, Di Amore is dedicated to making your proposal experience incredibly. No matter what diamond or setting you choose, any engagement ring from Di Amore is guaranteed to impress and wow the woman in your life!