Fascination About Diamond price per carat calculator

Diamond Cost Per Carat: Determine the Price of Your Gem

Have you ever tried buying a diamond and had no clue what you were looking for or if you were getting a good deal? The diamond market is extremely difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Individuals get ripped off every day because they do not know the value of a diamond, so retailers can get away with selling overpriced diamonds. To avoid being ripped off and to take home a diamond for a price that fits your budget, then learning the diamond cost per carat will be extremely helpful. We like to think of this guide as a price of diamonds per carat calculator. Through this article, you will be able to determine the price of your gem easily and quickly.

The biggest question is how can you tell the value of a diamond? It doesn’t happen by just staring at it and taking a guess, however, the appearance does matter but there is a set grid that will essentially “rate” each diamond. There are many diamond cost per carat calculator websites available that will quickly give you the answer to your diamond. Before you start determining the value of your diamond, there are some essential things you need to know about diamonds and how they are priced! Their many nuances to diamonds, so the pricing will vary making it vital to know these basics:

The Four C’s

Diamonds are categorized into four separate categories. These categories have a huge impact on the price of a diamond. A diamond may be more expensive or cheaper based on its cut, color, clarity, or carat. If you didn’t already know this then pay careful attention to what each “c” means:


The cut easily has the most effect on a diamond’s beauty and cost. When determining the quality of the cut the diamond is evaluated by the cutter’s skill when they shaped and fashioned the diamond. The more precise the cut the more captivating the diamond is, and the more attractive the diamond is the more expensive it will be. The different cuts available on the market are Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Marquise, Radiant, Oval, Pear, and Heart, with Round being the most expensive.


Many individuals did not know that diamonds come in different colors. White or yellow, the colorless diamonds are the better they are. You can even find diamonds with natural colors such as blue, red, or pink, but these are already extremely rare, and thus much more expensive. The most common color of a diamond is “white” which looks close to clear. The more colorless the diamond is the more expensive it will be.


Diamonds in their natural state have internal characteristics such as blemishes. The clarity of a diamond determines its purity. Diamonds without inclusions and blemishes are extremely rare. Although “SI” inclusions you may not be able to see with naked eye, you might be able to see them with a magnification loupe.


The big game changer when it comes to price is also the carat. The carat is the diamonds actual weight in metric carats. One carat weighs approximately 0.20 grams. The larger a carat the more expensive the diamond will sell for. Although some of the other “C’s” can influence the price of a diamond, the carat is one of the main weighing factors. You will be surprised at the price difference from a .99ct diamond to a 1.00ct diamond.

Diamond Price Per Carat

Now you understand how diamonds are priced, the four c’s must be kept in mind. All things are considered, cut, carat, color, and clarity. Ultimately, the price is narrowed down to; carat weight X diamond price per carat. The diamond price per carat is where you will focus most of your attention too. For example, a 0.50ct costs $1,400 per carat. This means the cost of the 0.50 carat is 0.50 x (diamond price per carat) $1,400= $700.

Something important you need to always keep in mind is that whatever the fraction of the carat weight means you will get the fraction of the price. Why? Well, there is no real reason besides the fact the diamond market has no set reasoning or pattern to explain how it works. In the world of diamonds, 1-carat diamond costs %20 more than a .98-carat diamond with the exact same clarity, cut, and color. The funny part is, you can’t even tell the difference between a 1-carat and a 0.98-carat! You will see that a 0.99-carat and a 0.98-carat won’t cost any more than %10.


Get Your Diamond Certified

Certification is extremely important. If you are purchasing a diamond that is extremely rare or at least more than $1,500, it is a good idea to ensure the retailer has it certified. When a diamond is certified the retailer will usually say it is “GIA” or “HRD” or “IGI” certified. The certificate gives the buyer a piece of mind that they are getting exactly what the retailer claims. Base your decisions on both what the certificate claims and a diamond price per carat calculator.

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Now you know how to determine the price of a diamond, you can feel both knowledgeable and confident when you walk into your next diamond store. Keep your carat calculator diamond in handy, and buy diamonds today at Di Amore!