The Allure of Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

The tragic and premature demise of the beautiful movie star, Grace Kelly, in Monaco agonised and saddened many when she passed away in a car accident in 1982. Although she enthralled audiences with her film performances, and stunned even more with her delicate beauty, the engagement ring she received from the love of her life, Prince Rainier, was another aspect of her fame that garnered many a glance from those who were privileged to set eyes on it.

From Hollywood Royalty to Real-Life Princess

The Grace Kelly engagement ring, as a physical symbol of the affection harbored for her by the Prince, changed her life from that of a dazzling movie star, to a royal post-Hollywood icon. The exquisiteness of the late princess’s ring is inarguable. Although Prince Rainier originally purchased a diamond eternity ring designed by Cartier for his beloved, he later opted for a stunning ring that was truly a piece of jewelry to be reckoned with.

Incomparable to those that were donned by the poshest of ladies in the day—both in Hollywood and abroad—the famed engagement ring eventually worn by Grace was an exquisite 10.75 carat rectangular emerald cut diamond ring flanked by two baguettes. Before the soon-to-be-royal retired from her work as a Hollywood actress in order to adequately attend to royal duties, many leading ladies of film expressed immense admiration for her ring. Thus, the ring fast became a popular style among those who could afford to indulge in such a luxury.

The Grace Kelly Engagement Ring Style Today

The 20th century leading ladies of Hollywood were not the only ones to hold such high regard for Grace Kelly’s dazzling ring. Even now the breath-taking ring is a favourite among those who are particularly interested in the high-grade engagement rings of the royals and style icons across the globe. Although the original cost of the ring is unknown, the estimated cost of the ring today is $600,000 in American dollars, or approximately €517,130.

However, fortunately for those who lack the substantial budget one can expect dashing royals of the world to possess, replicas of Grace Kelly’s famous engagement ring are available at a more affordable price. With the same quality or beauty of the original, engagement rings reminiscent of that of the Princess are sold today and shine with a particular elegance certain to enrapture any woman to whom the ring is presented.

Many women find it adds a special flair to wear a ring so alike in beauty and design to the original Grace Kelly engagement ring. Best of all, the luxury of a ring as stunning as that which belonged to the beloved actress-turned-royal is not too far out of reach for those who still hold a special fondness for the design.

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