An Introduction to the Most Famous Diamonds in the World

It’s no secret that people love diamonds. Humans have been searching for diamonds since the fourth century BC to support the luxurious habits of India’s upper class. Since then, diamonds have been regarded as one of the most precious–if not the most precious—objects in the world.

All diamonds are magnificent, but some are simply a cut above the rest. With exciting backstories, magnificent cuts, and rare colours, these famous diamonds have become iconic throughout the world for a reason.

The Hope Diamond

  • Original Number of Carats: 115.16
  • Colour: Blue

This famous diamond was reportedly stolen from the eye of a statue in a Hindi temple around the 17th century in India. Since then, this diamond has become a world traveller. The diamond was ultimately and tragically recut into a 67-carat stone. Eventually, the diamond ended up in the hands of Ms. Evalyn Walsh McLean in the early 1900’s. She was the one who transferred it into the iconic pendant necklace, the shape it remains in today at the Smithsonian.

The Cullinan Diamond

  • Original Number of Carats: 3106
  • Colour: White

The Cullinan Diamond is well known for being the largest diamond in the world. The massive diamond was cut into 96 small brilliants. Some of these flawlessly cut diamonds currently reside as part of the British Crown Jewels.

The Centenary Diamond

  • Original Number of Carats: Nearly 600
  • Colour: White

This diamond is famous for its amazing cut by Gabi Tolkowsky into a 273-carat masterpiece with 247 facets. It’s unsure where this magnificent diamond resides now.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

  • Original Number of Carats: 287
  • Colour: Yellow

The founder of Tiffany and Co purchased the largest yellow diamond ever mined with the intent of creating the magnificent Tiffany Yellow Diamond. This diamond has been worn by Hollywood superstar Audrey Hepburn in promotional photos for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Recently, this diamond was reset into a platinum and diamond necklace and is held on display at the flagship Tiffany’s store in New York City.

Bonus: The Heart of the Ocean

  • Carats: ??
  • Colour: Blue

The Heart of the Ocean is the iconic diamond that Jack gifts to Rose in the 1997 hit movie Titanic. While this diamond is fictional, it appears to be greatly modelled after the Hope Diamond.

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