The Rise of Antwerp as

The Diamond Centre of the World

Antwerp’s diamond district, also known as the Diamond Quarter is an area within the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp was in the 16th century an expanding and flourishing city. By this time Antwerp already played a determining role in the development of diamond-working techniques.

The industry was transformed when Lodewyk van Berken invented a new form of diamond polishing tool, the scaif, which enabled the creation of the sparkling, multifaceted diamond. This attracted a lot of craftsmen to Antwerp. As of 2012, quite a lot of the gem and diamond cutting and polishing work have moved to low wage centers.

About 84% of the world’s rough diamonds still passed through the diamond district in Antwerp, making it the largest diamond district in the world with a turnover of 54 billion dollars. This caused obviously a large number of jewellery shops to be opened in this centre to allow shoppers and diamond lovers to get whatever they desire, for the most attractive prices, straight from source.

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